Statz Bros. Farm

With DVO’s digesters, Bio Town Ag transformed the Furrer family farm, running since 1966, into 100% sustainable agribusiness. Turning waste into energy, they now produce 2-3x the electricity they use, redefining “waste” as a resource.

Case Studies

Fair Oaks Dairy

Fair Oaks Dairy uses DVO’s anaerobic digester to convert waste from 11k cows into biogas, reducing emissions by 94%, cutting odors by 97%, and saving 1.5M gallons of diesel yearly.

Green Mountain Dairy

At Green Mountain Dairy, the Rowell brothers use DVO’s digester to turn manure & ice cream waste into power, generating 2M kilowatts annually, serving 4k homes, & making farming greener in Vermont.

Calgren Renewable Fuels

Calgren Renewable Fuels, partnering with DVO, pioneers sustainability in California with the state’s only next-gen anaerobic digester. Transforming waste from Four J Farms into renewable electricity, the digester bolsters ethanol production & local agriculture.

Alliance Dairies

Alliance Dairies, Florida’s largest in one location, harnesses DVO digester tech to turn waste into renewable energy, powering 650 homes & earning sustainability honors.

Storms Hog Power

Storms Hog Power in NC, with DVO’s digester, transforms swine waste into renewable energy for 480 homes annually. Awarded for innovation & leading in sustainable ag.

Bio Town Ag

Bio Town Ag, powered by DVO digesters, transforms waste into wealth—generating energy for 4,000 homes while reducing emissions by 94%. It’s a model of 100% sustainable farming.