EMPOWER Your DVO Digester Investment

Recover valuable nutrients & economically clean your digestate
DVO facility

By Doug VanOrnum, Vice President of Strategy & Technology, DVO

With its “guaranteed retention time” your DVO digester already does an excellent job anaerobically processing organic waste(s). Did you know that you now have additional new treatment options that follow your digester?:

DVO’s Phosphorus Recovery System (PR) economically removes most of your phosphorus – and nearly 100% of your remaining organic nitrogen – from your digestate

  • Placing these valuable nutrients and micronutrients in a transportable (and potentially saleable) solid “cake” product.
  • Greatly reducing or even eliminating disposal/trucking expense by applying greater volume of liquid closer to the farm.
  • Prevents solids from accumulating in lagoon/slurry storage systems (easing lagoon maintenance).
  • Avoids clogging of pivot/drip irrigation systems.
  • Essentially…PR “Tells your phosphorus where to go!”

PR System

DVO’s Nitrogen Recovery System (NR System) removes and recovers nitrogen (as ammonia) from your digestate.

  • Reduce ammonia emissions from lagoon storage.
  • Alleviate the potential for groundwater contamination.
  • Produce a commercial-grade stable “renewable nitrogen” fertilizer that you can utilize in your own fields to offset your own nitrogen expense – or sell to others that need it more.
Picture of farmer spraying fertilizer on field with a subset image of ammonia storage tanks

DVO DIRECTLY offers these innovative and proprietary PR and NR “post-digester” methods to further treat your liquid slurries. Both are practical, proven (beware of imitators) – and significantly further reduce the “pollution potential” of the treated waste(s). Lagoons/slurry storage systems no longer fill up with solids. Pivot irrigation units no longer get clogged. Managing your nutrients was never easier!

For more information and a free consultation, please contact Doug or Melissa VanOrnum, DVO, Inc. 920-849-9797.