On-Farm Renewable Natural Gas Facility Expands with DVO Technology

Indiana site utilizes DVO Two-Stage Linear Vortex™ digesters for renewable energy production
BioTown Biogas is headquartered in Reynolds, Indiana. (photo courtesy of BioTown Biogas)

CHILTON, Wisconsin (June 15, 2023) – One of the world’s largest on-farm biodigesters was recently unveiled in a public ribbon cutting, and DVO technology powers the heart of the facility. The site in Reynolds, Indiana, is operated by BioTown BioGas LLC.

“We are proud to have partnered with BioTown BioGas and that they keep turning to DVO as their waste stream grows,” said Steve Dvorak, president and founder of DVO. “We were chosen for this installation because our digesters handle multiple waste streams, we can scale to meet large volumes, and we can generate multiple forms of renewable power.”

Following the initial digester installation in 2011, the site was expanded in 2013 and again in 2022 with DVO technology to produce renewable natural gas. It previously only generated electricity. The facility now utilizes seven DVO Two-Stage Linear Vortex™ anaerobic digesters to generate renewable natural gas and renewable electric power. It creates biogas from food waste, dairy manure, beef manure, swine and poultry waste, as well as other agricultural waste.

According to BioTown BioGas calculations, the facility is expected to generate more than 42-million kilowatt-hours of renewable power per year, along with more than 3-million gallons of renewable fuel per year. Their digester system provides a level of carbon mitigation equivalent to removing 160,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere annually.

Chad Hoerr, General Manager of BioTown BioGas said, “We’ve worked with DVO over the years and have always been happy with the superior performance of their digesters and the dependability of their people. We’ve found their digester design delivers more biogas than other options in the market.”

DVO was responsible for system layout, digester design, and heating and mixing controls. In addition to generating biogas, the system is designed to separate and capture ammonia for fertilizer production. It also relies on DVO technology for total processing of solid inputs and heat recovery.

This site is an example of how farming and livestock operations can help create renewable energy that powers the future. DVO digesters process more agricultural waste than any other biogas company globally. It has installed more than 170 digesters on livestock and poultry facilities in the U.S. to process animal waste and convert it to valuable products.

DVO and its partners build Two-Stage Linear VortexTM digesters. This patented, engineered system is designed to handle manure and other organic wastes. The process produces biogas, which is then converted to renewable energy, including electricity and natural gas.

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